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Itchy Dog – Natural Treatment Concepts for the Shih Tzu

Posted by cathytynon7464 in November 15, 2010

The itchy Shih Tzu can drive the dog owner to distraction. The constant itching, scratching, biting and chewing and licking is very distressing for the dog owner and the dog. It can even keep you awake at night. The itchy Shih Tzu can lead to many trips to your local veterinarian.

Veterinarians are under a lot of pressure to fix your dog immediately the first visit. That is why veterinarians reach immediately for the corticosteroids. Corticosteroids such as prednisolone has many side effects. Many dog owners of itchy Shih Tzu dogs are turning away from traditional therapy and asking for natural treatment.

There are many natural remedies that have absolutely no effect despite the claims of unqualified people. Some natural treatments actually cause harm by drying and further irritating the skin. The internet is full of spurious claims about miracle natural treatments. Most of this treatment is unproven and has absolutely no benefit to dogs with allergic skin disease.

Natural treatment that is targeted to specific problems can be of tremendous benefit. Dogs with allergic skin disease due to canine atopic dermatitis can be more effectively managed with some natural treatment options. A recent breakthrough in the cause of canine atopic dermatitis gives great hope for new treatment options. Dogs with canine atopic dermatitis have a faulty skin barrier. The outer protective skin barrier is deficient in a protein called sphingosine. The skin dries out and allergens can cross the skin triggering an immune reaction and an itchy red rash.

Natural remedies that repair and replenish this faulty skin barrier can be of huge benefit.

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